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(Street Corner of Durnell and Washington St. BEFORE Metropolitan and Roslindale Hardware heading West)

You may note that many of our products do not currently have prices. Market prices vary weekly, but prices  will be verified when we call to confirm your order.  We are still seeing some variability due to Covid related Supply chain issues, but overall prices are dropping.  Please add your items to the cart and complete your order.  If for any reason you have an issue hop to the FREESTYLE Entry -- here you can put in comments, put in any type of order, your desired pickup or delivery type and time, etc.  Likewise, if you know what you want, & don't want to browse, use the "FREESTYLE" option -- enter what you want in your own words....We will call you to confirm your choices, pickup curbside & delivery options, and to collect your payment information. No payment information will be collected until you have confirmed the order info over the phone.

Cheeses & Deli

Party Platters for large groups available without any muss or fuss. Call 617-323-7313 to arrange an order for pickup. Can be made ready to go hot, or fresh, oven ready...

Deli Meats

Imported Ham


Genoa Salami


Imported Mortadella





Imported Prosciutto

Dried Cured Capicolla

Hot Capicolla




Just for Easter -- Fresh Farm Cheese

American Cheese

Domestic Provolone

Fontina (New -- the Best you can buy!)


Imported Auricchio Provolone

Imported Romano


Parmegiano Reggiano

Imported Swiss

Argentino Sardo

Crotonese Cheese

Fresh Mozarella


Dry Rigotta



Meats ♦ Poultry ♦ Fish

Beef (Tony’s handcut Sirloins and Delmonicos are particularly popular)


Lamb (American Lamb – for the very best flavor and gourmet serving.)


Whole lambs can be ordered.

Pork (Fresh and tender)

Veal (wonderful, thin veal cutlets)

Fresh Rabbit

Sirloin hamburger, ground & mixed on the premises

Chicken (deboned and made into cutlets if desired.)

Imported Pastas:

Tony's Market carries Del Verde and DiCecco imported pastas, in approximately thirty different varieties of shapes and sizes.


Baci Chocolates (sinfully addictive)

Torrone Panettone Italian Cakes

Homemade Sausages

Hot and sweet, without additives.

Greek Sausages by Request, in quantity.


(Dried Cod – a traditional Italian food for the Holidays).

Deliveries are between 4 - 7 pm. Orders must be placed before 12 noon to ensure same day delivery. -- but we will try if later!

All Curbside & Store Pickup Orders  Must Be Made an hour In Advance of Desired Pickup Time.

Our store is open 8-5 Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday and 9-6 Thursdays & Fridays. We are closed on Sunday and Monday.

We thank you for your patience with us as we put together our new online system. & we thank you for shopping with us.  Deb & Tony

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