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Tony's Market Roslindale
4381 Washington Street
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JF. Testimony

What a great guy! - and what a beautiful little market. This is the kind of place that makes city living worthwhile, and the Rosi Square neighborhood such a surprisingly civilized and comfortable part of Boston. Don't be shy about introducing yourself as a new customer - Tony is sincerely warm and friendly.

I agree with Katie's review that Tony's sausage is great - worth dropping in for by themselves (they freeze well too). He carries the basic cuts of meat, and he'll custom cut as well, although if you're looking for something big like a whole butterflied leg of lamb, it's essential to call ahead. His meats are very good quality.

As far as the standard Italian deli meats/cheeses (ex: parmesan reggiano, prosciutto, linguica, etc) - I find they're always available. And if anything, he carries so many different choices of Italian dry/canned goods that it can feel intimidating at first. But it's all of superior quality and pretty darn close to supermarket prices

The store is not open on Sundays or Mondays (like many small businesses in Rosi Square... or Italy).  But Tony's nephew is helping him out these days, so the stores hours have re-expanded a bit for the rest of the week. In particular, he's open on Saturdays for a decent chunk of time, which I find very useful during the summer when the Saturday morning open-air farmer's market in Rosi square is around. Some sausage from Tony's, some basil and a few heirloom tomatoes from the farmer's market, a loaf of fresh peasant bread from Fornax - the makings of a Tuscan feast!  JF.

Katie G.
Like a time capsule, this place is a gem.  The elderly owner, who told me he goes ballroom dancing 4 nights a week (with different partners!), has been there 40+ years.  He still makes his own sausage (I've seen him do it) and it is wonderful.  Hot or sweet, it's worth a trip.  He also has prosciutto, mozzarella, and some other meats, but if you want something besides sausage, call ahead and order it.  For that matter, call about the sausage too.  Sometimes he's out, or he's making it tomorrow, etc.  You can get pasta, canned goods, and other Italian groceries here too, but the selection is limited.  I get the feeling that people mostly go there for the sausage. KG