Tony's Market Roslindale

Party Platters for large groups available without any muss or fuss.  Call 617-323-7313 to arrange an order for pickup.  Can be made ready to go hot, or fresh, oven ready...

Our prepared food varies every day, made fresh each day.
Sausage, peppers and onion are often available during the week....Call ahead!

 THERE IS NOTHING LIKE OUR FRESH CHICKEN PARMIGIANA -- anywhere! THE SECRET -- fresh mozzarella, chicken cutlets hand cut by Tony and cooked right away...oh, and Tony's own sauce, of course!

Always in -- Certified Premium Beef "Chairman's Reserve". Whole Sirloin Strip. A large, lean steak, great for the hungry, and best grilled or broiled.  This can be thin sliced for a sandwich!

By popular request -- we are making cannoli.  These are made every few hours, or on please call ahead.  (We know it's a bit of an impulse item...but...we want to keep them extra fresh for you)  :)



Sinfully rich, smooth and creamy, our Tiramisu cake is available by the whole cake, or by the slice.  You keep these in the freezer until an hour or so before serving.  $4.00 per large serving.  One slice plus a bit of fruit makes a nice after dinner item for a couple of people.


   Our meatballs are made up from a secret Italian Nonna's recipe -- our very own Sue, using Tony's unique meat sauce, the freshest ground meat, parsley and grated cheese...hand baked and finished in the sauce.

Our wonderful 'standard' soup is a beef bourguignon stew -- hearty, meaty...just right for cool evenings, or as a hot side with a sandwich

.Lasagna -- whole or 1/2 trays of our own home prepared lasagna made with fresh pasta, our own hamburg mix, bechamel sauce, mozzarella, parmigana & our own home made sauce.  A hearty meal for 10-12 people.  A perfect centerpiece dish for a large party.